Amazon was banning golliwogs in 2013 but still sell them today

By Chris Dawson August 23, 2015 - 11:02 am

Following our story earlier this week where a seller’s eBay listings were cancelled because they featured a golliwog, it’s somewhat surprising to find that similar reproduction metal plaque of an old Robertson’s Golden Shred marmalade advert are still available on the site. And let’s not even mention the collectible Enid Blyton book “The Three Golliwogs” published by Dean & Son circa 1969-70 which is also listed on eBay.

Amazon Golliwog listingHowever it’s not just eBay that is removing said golliwog listings, one of our readers tells us that they had a similar plaque removed from sale by Amazon way back in November 2013. They’re naturally somewhat bemused that Amazon still carry the same products today, not to mention several books including the aforementioned Enid Blyton tome.

I’ve also heard disturbing news that some one posted a link to our last story on social media and promptly received complaints, not because they endorsed the sale of such material, but simply because they had the temerity to mention that marketplaces might be banning the sale of these products.

Let’s not kid ourselves, these images are a part of historical past which can’t be erased by pretending that they never existed. We can understand that some people wish to collect curios and mementos from the past and it doesn’t make them racist – it’s not that much different to having a bonfire each year to celebrate the failure of Guy Fawkes which also doesn’t make you a traitor. However if Amazon were banning them in 2013 and eBay want to ban them too I have to echo Dan’s words from the earlier post – Why so inconsistent and why are similar items still available for sale today?

(Dan adds: I must note that I understand why some of these items are considered to be unpleasant by many. But I am ambivalent about whether they should be banned. But if they are supposedly banned then they should be banned properly.)

  • 2 years ago

    Phew! Just grateful for any efforts to protect the great British public from this menace. With efforts like these soon our society will enjoy the same freedoms as we see in Iraq, Iran, Syria, Afghanistan and North Korea. Sales of golliwogs (and Jeremy Corbyn dolls) should be viewed with more than suspicion Thanks for highlighting these valiant efforts from our brothers in Amazon and eBay.

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