Amazon FBA fee changes effective today

By Chris Dawson August 4, 2015 - 1:22 pm

From today (4th August 2015) Amazon FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) fees are changing, but unlike previous years Amazon FBA has not increased fees, the fee updates are instead designed to simplify selling across Amazon’s EU marketplaces.

You may also notice lower FBA fees for many items sold on Amazon UK.

Key highlights

1. No fee increase

FBA fee staying the same but with a simplification of fee structure.

2. EFN (European Fulfilment Network) simplified

Not only have Amazon simplified their fees, but in most cases fees will be cheaper to help you expand selling to the EU.

3. MCI (Multi-Country Inventory) fee reduced

MCI fees for France, Italy and Spain have been significantly reduced (as part of promotion) benefiting sellers exporting into Europe.

The detailed FBA fee changes

You can check the new full FBA fee schedule effective from 4th August 2015 on Amazon’s website. For an overview, Katie McQuaid, Amazon’s UK Director, FBA, has shared the detail of the FBA fee changes below:

Standardization of size and weight tiers

FBA’s size and weight-based tiers are now the same for determining fees for all items sold on Amazon, regardless of the EU marketplace in which an order is placed. This removes the need to identify different product-size tiers in different EU marketplaces.

Consolidation of fees

There is now one Fulfilment Fee per unit that is based on dimensions and weight, rather than a Weight Handling fee per shipment plus a separate Pick & Pack fee for each unit.

Simplification of European Fulfilment Network (EFN) fee

There is now one Fulfilment Fee for items that are fulfilled through EFN. EFN is no longer a surcharge. The EFN update allows you to view your EFN fee for each size tier regardless of marketplace, just as you do other FBA fees.

Launch of reduced-fee promotion for marketplaces, and

A promotional Fulfilment Fee reduction is in place for items sold on,, and until 4 August 2016. After that time, Amazon will reassess making some or all of the promotional fee reductions permanent.

  • David S
    2 years ago

    It so complicated before!…Now its a lot more simpler. Thanks Amazon! I have opened all of my eligible inventory to the EU market because I can now easily understand and manage my pricing.

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