Take Webretailer’s Amazon Seller survey

By Dan Wilson July 27, 2015 - 4:40 pm

The guys over at Webretailer have teamed up with Feedvisor to conduct a survey of ecommerce sellers who sell on Amazon. Hopefully if will come up with some interesting insights and we look forward to the results.

But before that, Amazon sellers need to join in. So here’s the link to the survey so you can give your views.

Andy Geldman of Webretailer says: “We’re busy working with Feedvisor on this year’s Amazon Seller Survey, an independent worldwide report offering critical information like:

– Which are the most profitable selling categories?
– Which scouting methods are major Amazon sellers using?
– What are the most popular tools that sellers depend on?
– Fill out our 4 minute survey and we’ll send you the full compiled report with answers from thousands of professional Amazon sellers. All results will be completely anonymous.”

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