Revenue Rescue: Saving Sales when Shoppers Stray, webinar: 2/7/15

By Dan Wilson July 2, 2015 - 3:11 am

Today Bronto and Internet Retailing will be holding a webinar: “Revenue Rescue: Saving Sales when Shoppers Stray”

To find out more and bag a place, visit the site here.

As the blurb promises: “In this multi-device, cross-channel world, there are two critical “moments of truth” when consumers tend to stray from the shopping process: product pages and the shopping basket. Retailers must begin to break away from the traditional, outdated view that all shoppers leave with no intention of returning and start planning for the other alternatives.

You will:

• Learn which strategies top retailers are using for product page and shopping basket marketing
• Gain insight into which product page and shopping basket attributes can cause shoppers to stray
• Receive tips for post-abandonment tactics you can test with your shoppers”

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