Pley will rent you unlimited Lego sets

By Chris Dawson July 22, 2015 - 3:41 pm

If you’re like me, you loved playing with Lego as a kid. It was the only toy that was a new toy every day, only limited by your imagination and the Lego bricks you had in your collection.

Today however I look at Lego kits available in the shops in despair. My nephew loves Lego, but all the kits appear good for building just one specific model with so many parts unique to the model they’re useless once they’re muddled up with other kits.

PleyNow a company called Pley has the solution. Stop buying Lego and sign up for an all you can eat LoveFilm type subscription service. When you join you create a wish list of Lego sets you’d like to hire and Pley start sending them to you. Every time you return a set they’ll replace it with another from your wish list and it costs just $19.99 per month with free delivery and returns.

Every set is cleaned and sanitised before being sent out and they have a pledge that if you lose a part in normal play they’ll never charge you or penalise you. They’re just as happy if you lose a piece for you to replace it with a block from your own collection even if it’s not the right colour!

Pley Lego Collections

There’s also PleyWorld where you can exhibit your own creations. If you’re a dab hand at Lego building you can post your creation and even better, if it gets more than 5000 votes Pley will actually create the set for others to rent.

This is an interesting business model, it’s not traditional ecommerce where you buy things, but then there are plenty of rental ecommerce models out there. If you’re an Apple user for example you’re not buying music, you’re renting it. Similarly with most streaming video sites you’re only renting the right to view films and again will never own them. Pley have simply applied the same model to arguably the best toy ever invented.

Sadly Pley currently only operate in the US, but we hear they’ve expansion plans to Canada and the US. When they arrive in the UK a subscription for my nephew sounds just the ticket for a Christmas present.

  • Rai
    2 years ago

    Where was this when I needed to win that competition from Christy Mack (pornstar – you have been warned)

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