PayPal invoice enhancements coming soon

By Chris Dawson July 23, 2015 - 2:06 pm

PayPal have launched a new invoicing product and the rollout of several new critical invoicing features to help businesses bill more efficiently and get paid faster. The new invoicing tool is launching in the US first and will then be rolled out to global markets in the coming months.

In addition to the capabilities PayPal invoicing already offers, they’ve simplified and streamlined the product, adding six new features:

Three new invoice template options for added flexibility

  • Quantity – For breaking out the quantity sold
  • Hours – For billing by an hourly rate
  • Amount only – When quantity or hours do not apply

Partial payments

You can allow partial payments and a minimum payment amount so your customer can pay a deposit upfront and pay the remainder later. Once paid, your invoice will have a partially paid status until it has been paid in full. And, the amount paid and due will appear on the invoice for both you and your customer.

Record cash or check payments

This allows you to create and manage all of your invoices with PayPal, even if your customer pays you by cash or check.

CC line

You can now copy people – like your customer’s spouse, accountant or business partner – when sending an invoice.

Share a link to your invoice

Most often you’ll enter your customer’s email on the invoice, and we’ll email the invoice to your customer. If, however, you want to send the invoice to your customer yourself you can copy a link to your customer’s invoice.

Save a PDF of the invoice for your records

Other features

You can of course customize and save invoice templates and customer and item details for re-use and even send invoices to a group of people, such as for an event as well as attach files, like product images, expenses, or contracts. Of course there’s also full support for sending international invoice.

Within PayPal you can quickly view all unpaid or overdue invoices and send out reminders, iew a detailed history of your invoice, including any reminders you have sent and when you’re on the go you can even use the PayPal Here mobile app to create simple invoices.

  • 2 years ago

    What would be handy is if you could adjust the delivery address after a PayPal payment without needing to refund & re-invoice first.

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