Marketplace focus: WesternMall update

By Chris Dawson July 27, 2015 - 2:29 pm

WesternMallWesternMall say that they are the first unique mobile and web accessible ecommerce site in Nigeria and the first online bidding site in Nigeria, for transactions between individuals and other forms of merchants.

Since PayPal launched in Nigeria a year ago, after South Africa it has already grown to be their second biggest African market. That’s why WestenMall are focusing on attracting sales from Nigerian consumers.

The top performing categories on the site are currently: Women’s Bags; Women’s dresses and shoes; Mobile phones and tablets (there’s a high demand for used products in this category); Baby clothing items; Men’s shoes and shirts; and Perfumes.

Much of Nigeria relies on mobile for ecommrce, which is why PayPal has been so heavily adopted even though in the country users can send money (buy goods) but not receive (sell). However it is a country which in the past was renowned for scams and that’s where WesternMall come in.

If you want to sell to Nigeria, WesternMall want to help by handling all of the awkward bits like shipping for instance. When you get a sale, you ship to WesternMall in Leeds and once your product arrives and is verified you’re covered. WesternMall then ship the item on to the customer in Nigeria assuming responsibility for the delivery.

We first wrote about WesternMall a year ago and at the time you’d have had to upload your products to the site one by one. They’ve now rolled out a bulk upload facility with CSV files and tell us that they’ll have more tools to help manage selling later in the Autumn.

If you’d like to find out more you can contact WesternMall via email or via their website.

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