iZettle goes contactless in the UK

By Dan Wilson July 14, 2015 - 12:42 am

With the launch of Apple Pay expected today in the UK, it couldn’t be more timely that payments service iZettle is offering contactless payments with its handsets.

If you don’t know iZettle, it’s a handy service that offers anyone the facility to process payments when you’re out and about. It could be a car boot, craft fair or festival. With the handset, you just plug into a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet and you can process a card payment.

iZettle is now offering a handset that will take contactless payments. It will take mobile payments too from cards and can also cope with Apple Pay.

As I noted last week, it seems like iZettle is winning the handset payments war in the UK because I’ve seen it being used in the “wild” and yet I haven’t seen PayPal’s Here handset at all.

And with contactless on the up and up (see graph), the contactless advance seems like a smart move.

As the press release notes: “iZettle’s new contactless card reader, the Card Reader Pro Contactless, is being distributed to select partners across the United Kingdom, followed by a wider launch on June 1. The new hardware will gradually hit markets globally in the coming months and will retail for around £79, with price variations depending on markets.”

contactless graph

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