How did Amazon Prime Day go?

By Chris Dawson July 15, 2015 - 10:30 pm

Amazon Prime Day featAmazon have been pretty brave – there aren’t too many companies in the world with either the bottle or the clout to manufacture a shopping event across the western world just to produce a bumper day of sales.

That’s what Amazon attempted today with their Prime Day and from early indications it looks like it’s been a bit of a success.

Amazon UK told us at lunch time today that early sales were rocking out of the door and speaking to a couple of sellers who were participating in the event they reported strong sales too.

Some of the top deals in the UK included a PS4 1TB Black + PlayStation TV + PlayStation Plus (3 months) + more for £329.00, 46% off an Amazon Fire TV Stick, and 50 inch Full HD TVs from well-known brands starting from £230.00.

Amazon in the US have reported that peak order rates have exceeded 2014’s Black Friday having sold tens of thousands of Fire TV Sticks, 35,000 Lord of the Rings Blu-Ray sets, 28,000 Rubbermaid sets, and 4,000 Echo devices in 15 minutes. They also sold 1,200 of the $999 TVs in less than 10 minutes.

How were your Amazon sales today (even if you weren’t participating in the Prime Day deals). Did you see any uplift in sales spilling over from the Prime Day deals?

  • Martin
    2 years ago

    Below average sales day on amazon. Ebay did about 4 times average though.
    Invited to participate a couple of months back but declined as wrong time of year to hold that level of stock.

  • 2 years ago

    We played with some prices to try and take some advantage of this event, however it made no difference at all to sales. In fact Amazon sales where increasing week by week – but the last 2 weeks have been flat.

  • 2 years ago

    We saw a fantastic uplift in the UK, USA, DE and FR. About 35%+ with the USA doing 50% uplift at least… Great day!

    That and I got some presents sorted buying a kindle, a stick, and a fire HD tablet…. not forgetting some Reeces sticks for myself :D

  • Andrew
    2 years ago

    Amazon UK was up a little, but US was up by 75% and we didn’t change any prices. Just the halo effect.

  • 2 years ago

    Howdy Chris, All,

    Finally bought a kindle, well two as the wife wanted one as well and a Fire Stick as well.

    When the AFN driver turned up, I quizzed him over the delivery load for that day, for him it was lighter than normal.

    The day before had been over 170 deliveries and was looking to finish earlier, as most of his deliveries were turning out to be doubles.

    Not sure what spin Amazon are going to put on the day, I know I spent well and it had nudged me buy a Kindle & a Fire Stick I had been putting off for quite a while.


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