Have you been charged for the June eBay Shop Promo?

By Dan Wilson July 29, 2015 - 7:11 pm

Several sellers have been in touch regarding an eBay Shops promo held in June.

The promotion offered a free eBay Shops upgrade. The offer promised: “EXCLUSIVE OFFER FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY We noticed that you are listing a lot lately. Why not consider moving to the next shop level? It could save you money. Try an Anchor Shop upgrade by 09 June 2015 at no additional costs for 2 months.”

shops promo
Currently we don’t know how many people were invited to join in the promo but it does seem to have been targeted at specific sellers.

It seems that at least some sellers who took advantage of the upgrade offer haven’t had the promo applied to their July invoices and have been charged full whack for the upgraded Shops subscription.

Featured Shops cost £60 a month and an Anchor shop is £250 month. The promo would represent a £280 saving over 2 months. But this fee has been applied to accounts, it seems, incorrectly.

According to one seller who has been in touch, eBay have told them that the billing mistake will be rectified in the August billing cycle. But in any case, it’s worth checking your invoice if you took advantage of the offer to make sure that eBay does indeed make good. Have you been affected?

eBay has had a few bothers with vouchers and promos in the past few weeks, including the CTWENTY promo.

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