eBay to protect UK sellers from German postal strike

By Chris Dawson July 14, 2015 - 9:57 am

Deutsche PostBack in June we noted that the Deutsche Post strike in Germany was starting to impact UK sellers shipping to Germany.

eBay have already started to protect German sellers discounting low detailed seller ratings in the calculation of the seller status. eBay Germany are also working for automatic removal of DSRs if the strikes continue into July.

Now eBay UK has undertaken to protect sellers who have been affected. eBay told Tamebay this morning “We can confirm that we are protecting sellers that were impacted by the German postal strike. Sellers who sent items to Germany through Deutsche Post and DHL will be not incur any defects that were caused as a direct result of the Deutsche Post strike“.

We know a fair number of sellers have been affected but any defects should be discounted on your next Seller Rating. We also know many readers have been in contact with eBay support who have been unable to help but now with the amnesty made official your seller status should be secure.

  • richbkk
    2 years ago

    Ebay have only been partially true to their word. My defects for cases open item not received on German listings were removed. But only from 8th June. I am not sure if they are applying the defect amnesty to defects such as negative feedback, forced cancellations.
    I had to phone up to get a defect removed on AU site from a German customer, and assume the same would apply to UK sellers who have sold to German customers from UK listings.
    The original announcement made by Ebay Germany clearly stated defects for June would be removed, yet last week the goalpost had moved to 8th June. This is just plain wrong in my books.
    The ebay reps I used were very helpful and I managed to chip away at some of the defects, but overall Ebay have not been helpful.
    It’s simple really, just about any problem is going to be a result of the German Postal strike and the problems started way before the official announcement, anything else is Scotch mist.

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