Did you get an eBay Coupon in July?

By Dan Wilson July 31, 2015 - 2:26 am

Do you remember the eBay coupon problems last month? Loads of eBay buyers were offered a tasty offer with the CTWENTY voucher but eBay claimed that the uptake was too great and many buyers were disappointed.

We wrote about it at the time: More on eBay UK’s 20% discount coupon CTWENTY fiasco

And now it’s the last day of July, we have a question. Did anyone see a similar coupon offer in the past month?

We ask because it was promised.

A statement from eBay at the time said: “Our coupon campaign on June 15th proved to be hugely popular with customers and the promotion exceeded all our expectations. Due to huge customer demand, the promotion was suspended. We apologise to any customers who were unable to participate. We will contact and reimburse any UK customer who processed a transaction on June 15th and tried to redeem the coupon but didn’t receive the 20% discount. We know our buyers love to shop and those customers who attempted to redeem the coupon code but were unable to do so on June 15th, will receive an additional voucher in July.” (It’s quoted in our previous post.)

It’s very possible that we missed the new coupons. But have you seen or heard anyone who received a promo voucher along the same lines as promised by eBay? Because we haven’t.

Let us know.

Updated 31/7/15, 14:30: eBay have been in touch with a comment which we publish verbatim: “We have refunded those customers who processed a transaction but didn’t receive the 20% discount. We have issued another 20% discount voucher to all those customers who attempted to redeem the coupon code but were unable to do so. We encourage any customer who believes their issue is still outstanding should get in contact with us.”

  • JD
    2 years ago

    Yes, I had a coupon on 22nd July. It was valid for one use and expired at the end of the following day. I had an email and it was found in the my ebay dropdown at the top right of the my ebay summary page.

    Terms & conditions
    • Minimum spend £20, maximum coupon value £50
    • PayPal purchases only
    • Only one use per User ID
    • Discount excludes postage
    • UK site only
    • Only valid for (xuser IDx)
    • Ends 23:59 BST 23 July
    • T&Cs apply

    The fact that it came very late in the month, in fact after I had given up on ever receiving it, meant that I used it for rather less discount than otherwise I might.

  • jo
    2 years ago

    Yes I was promised a coupon in july but never gone one. And yes I complained to ebay directly and was advised in their response I would get a coupon in july, which never happened. Not at all surprised really, every time theyve offered me into a seller promotion theyve mucked that up as well. Truth be told they don’t really want to give anyone discounts because they have plenty of sellers/buyers willing to pay full smack for the same thing.

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