Amazon sellers impacted by Deutsche Post strikes

By Chris Dawson July 22, 2015 - 11:54 am

Deutsche PostWe’ve heard from a lot of retailers that they’re struggling with their sales to Germany due to the Deutsche Post strikes. eBay have acknowledged the issue and agreed to waive any defects due to possible postal delays, but we’re now hearing from Amazon sellers with similar issues.

Amazon is a little bit different to eBay, but A-Z claims will be just as punitive to your selling ability and are to be avoided at all costs. However Amazon has one killer advantage over eBay which is FBA.

Amazon’s Katie McQuaid, UK Director, FBA assured Tamebay that “FBA will continue to deliver its one day promise regardless of potential strikes and service disruptions in individual service providers

Of course you have the option of using carriers not affected by the Deutsche Post industrial action, but if you use FBA then it becomes Amazon’s problem to deliver. Plus of course with FBA you’re insulated from any damage to your seller metrics caused by delivery issues.

Have you seen any issues with your Amazon seller metrics in Germany? If so take action immediately before it escalates. Talk to Amazon support and see if they can assist but change your delivery arrangement before it’s too late and your account is impacted.

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