Amazon Prime Photos & #PrimeLiving Photo Contest

By Chris Dawson July 6, 2015 - 1:30 pm

Amazon are inviting UK Prime members to experience one of their latest benefits – Prime Photos – and enter for a chance to win the sterling equivalent of $10,000 USD in Gift Cards by participating in the #PrimeLiving Photo Contest.

Amazon is providing members a forum to share how Prime has helped open the possibilities for them to save time, money and simply have more fun. Did you save enough time today to put your feet up, go to the beach or take a long hike with the dog? Take a snap, capture the moment. Members simply sign into Prime Photos between July 6 and July 15 to submit a photo on the #Prime Living contest page.

One winner will be selected in each Prime country based on the image that most creatively captures a moment of #Prime Living. Winners will also be invited to have their photos become screen savers on the Amazon Fire TV.

Amazon commissioned a #PrimeLiving street art project across eight countries globally.

In the UK, Global Street Art has created 3D spray paint art on an Amazon delivery truck depicting well-known London characters including a Queens Guard, Pearly Queen and Punk – all acting out a Prime living scene. The one off Prime Day delivery truck has already made its rounds around London, visiting Buckingham Palace, St. Paul’s and even Westminster Palace.

The art is intended to provide inspiration to consumers for the #PrimeLiving photo contest

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