Amazon partner with Jet for locker sites

By Chris Dawson July 20, 2015 - 9:14 am

Amazon shoppers will be able to pick their parcels up at their local petrol station from this week.

Amazon have partnered with Jet to locate Amazon lockers at petrol stations across the country. Jet petrol stations are generally run by independant dealers and the tie up with Amazon will be offered as part of the Jet dealer package.

Dealers will be able to apply to have an Amazon locker sited on their forecourt subject to survey to pick a convenient spot. Initially the roll out will be to a limited number of Jet petrol stations but the two companies have every intention of a larger roll out in the near future.

When you think about it petrol stations are the ideal place to pick up your Amazon deliveries. Petrol stations are open early til late and many are open 24 hours a day. It doesn’t matter how big or heavy your purchase is (so long as it’s suitable for a locker delivery) as you’ll have your car with you.

For Jet petrol stations it’s a great deal, it’s a way to encourage car drivers to visit their forecourts and likely top up with fuel while they’re collecting their Amazon parcels.

The Amazon lockers deliver financial incentive, Jet has negotiated a monthly payment for dealers and that with the associated fuel and shop sales is likely to mean that almost every Jet dealer will be queuing up to have lockers installed on their forecourts.

Somewhat amusingly, the news of Amazon partnering with Jet in the UK is breaking a day before a new Amazon competitor launches in the US. will undoubtedly be a little miffed that some of the “Jet” searches on Google will end up on news of Amazon’s new partnership.

  • 2 years ago

    I worked in a Jet petrol station during my time in uni, back in the 60s. I thought that Jet had long since vanished – haven’t seen a Jet station in the past forty years. So not going to be much use around here! (Swansea Bay area).

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