Why you need a mobile friendly website

By Chris Dawson June 22, 2015 - 5:55 pm

Google announced that back in April they’d start downgrading your website if they deemed that it wasn’t mobile friendly. Mobile-Friendliness was to be the order of the day and everyone was predicting that if you didn’t have a mobile optimised site you’d disappear from search results.

The reality doesn’t appear to be quite as bad as many were predicting. It’s only when users search on a mobile that your site might drop a few places in search results and quite frankly if your site isn’t mobile friendly that might not be a bad thing. Of course your ranking on search engines also doesn’t affect traffic you drive from social media, email marketing, saved bookmarks and if your customers search for your brand or website name Google will still let them find you even if you don’t have a mobile friendly site.

Google Mobile-Friendly Search ResultsHowever if you have a significant amount of traffic from mobile users (and these days who doesn’t?) then it’s worth investing in a mobile friendly site and I was pleasantly surprised this weekend to find that my friend Kelly’s new website, Popadoodledoo, is already starting to appear in Google’s mobile search results with the “mobile-friendly” tag shown next to it.

Is your website mobile friendly? If you want to check how Google views your website and how mobile friendly it really is, you can check using their Mobile-Friendly Test site.

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