Why PayPal want to text and autodial you

By Chris Dawson June 8, 2015 - 7:45 am

Telephone FeatIt’s been widely reported in the press over the last couple of days that PayPal are rolling out an update to its user agreement that threatens to bombard you with autodialed or prerecorded calls and text messages.

Many sources took this to mean that PayPal would send a ton of automated or semi-automated spam text messages and calls both from PayPal and from partners. As many Tamebay readers know, spam email, texts and calls are a real bugbear of mine so this didn’t sound like a great thing for PayPal to do.

The reality is a little different, as PayPal have been at pains to point out in a blog post. Basically they want to be able to contact you in case of a problem with your account. This is nothing out of the ordinary, in fact I’m inured to the fact that whenever I go abroad and try to use a cash point my bank will refuse the transaction and send a text to my mobile to make sure it’s really me. As soon as I reply my card is enabled to use overseas – that’s protecting me and my bank account which is a good thing.

PayPal want to do the same and be able to contact you by whichever means is the most expeditious at the time and they need permission for third party companies to be able to contact you as they may be using a third party to send the messages.

Nothing sinister and don’t expect to be deluged with spam – PayPal just want to make sure the bad guys can’t nick your money!

  • John S
    2 years ago

    Hmm, sounds like PP spin to me. I receive regular phone calls on all phone numbers that PP have for my account (when I say all mean if I don’t answer one phone for whatever reason they call the other number).
    In all cases the calls are to sell a PP service that I already have, so they don’t seem to be able (or can’t be bothered) to check my account before the cold call is made. And the ‘contact me’ boxes are unchecked in my profile.
    Can only see this becoming worse once the agreement is changed.

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