Webinar: Improving your delivery process 23/6/15

By Chris Dawson June 10, 2015 - 1:11 pm

Improve your delivery process, cut costs and meet customer demand with Brightpearl and Scurri this 2015. Join them for a joint webinar ‘How to Easily Scale and Streamline Your Deliveries‘ to find out more.

If you’re a retailer and you’re looking to grow you business then you can attend the webinar on Tuesday 23rd June 2015 at 4:00pm BST/8am PDT to see how you can improve your business efficiency. In just 45 minutes you’ll learn:

  • How to increase customer satisfaction with real-time carrier tracking data
  • How the Scurri integration with Brightpearl increase efficiency and performance
  • How customer Wedo prepare for peak periods and maintain competitive edge using Brightpearl and Scurri

Jonny Orange from Scurri and Ti Osnat from Brightpearl will be taking you through how to streamline your operations and drastically cut down errors. Joined by Gareth Knight, Founder of WeDo a joint customer who sells furniture online.

Register today so you can streamline your deliveries and keep up with peak trading periods.

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