Splitting up (Literally) with Laura on eBay

By Chris Dawson June 18, 2015 - 7:45 pm

A german eBayer has taken dividing joint possessions in a divorce a little two literally. He’s cut the lot into half, shipped half to his wife and put his 50% of the possessions on eBay.

He says that he’s generously given “Laura” her half of what he describes as his hard earned possessions and has no further use for his half, so feel free to bid on everything from half a Vauxhall Corsa, half an iPhone or half a bed. Perhaps a half set of four chairs would be of use to someone, although we doubt it. That’s not stopping people however!

  • Dean
    2 years ago

    I thought from the thumbnails that he had just photoshopped his photos. But if you go in to one of his listings (link above) you can see a Youtube video showing how he actually cut everything in half.
    That’s one seriously bitter divorcee!

    Mind you, I’d have been more impressed if he had cut his Corsa lengthways.

  • Simon M
    2 years ago

    Briefly funny, but ultimately sad and wasteful.


    • JD
      2 years ago

      And taking news spots where bigger fish should currently be frying.

  • paddy
    2 years ago

    Turns out that the whole thing is a fake.

    • JD
      2 years ago

      And as I said above taking the eBay news spots where bigger fish should have been fried.

      As a result of:
      – A botched coupon promo that left loads of buyers wanting more.
      – A glitch meaning UK buyers were unable to buy from UK sellers for maybe up to a week.
      – And a serious several hour long outage on Thursday night that crippled eBay search.

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