PayPal’s post eBay split mission statement

By Chris Dawson June 9, 2015 - 7:12 am

PayPalIn their first separate Investor presentation, PayPal have dubbed themselves “The World’s Open Technology Payments Platform“. They say that “The Payment Landscape is Dramatically Changing… and the World is Looking for a Trusted Solution“.

As an End to End solution for 10m merchants, PayPal boasts more than 155m users, $13.8 in payments, $500m loaned through PayPal credit, 27% credit growth and 109% Braintree authorised payments growth in Q1 2015.

Some impressive stats and PayPal have laid out their five main areas of operation, although with surprisingly little reference to eBay whose first mention is that PayPal are growing “Beyond eBay” for web payments. The five key operations are: Online, web to mobile; PayPal Credit, funding for small businesses; Braintree, for in-app payments; Paydiant, for instore payments and PayPal’s open commerce platform which ties everything together.

eBay really doesn’t get a mention until page 22 of the appendix when PayPal refers to “Continued Benefits Through Operating Agreement” after first citing the post split benefits of new markets; enhanced focus; a new operating structure and strategic flexibility.

Of course there’s little doubt that, at least in the short term, PayPal’s fortunes will be tied to eBay’s. If eBay’s revenues were to fall significantly it would certainly put a dent in PayPal’s revenues, albeit less than five years ago.

PayPal are focussing on payments no matter where you are and we’re expecting to see a lot more development from PayPal on mobile and in-app payments in the future.

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