Lengow Ecommerce Day Paris 2015

By Chris Dawson June 3, 2015 - 2:29 pm

Lengow Ecommerce Day ParisTuesday this week saw seven hundred French online retailers head to Paris for the annual Lengow Ecommerce Day. With talks from companies as far away as Yandex in Russia and Alibaba in China, as well as western companies including Facebook and PayPal it was a fantastic day for learning.

The guys from Lengow put on an excellent show, and rumours that so many retailers turned up that the French riot police had to be called weren’t true (It was Nurses protesting!).

Some of the highlights of the day were the presentation from Yandex, the insights from French retailers on the panel discussions, PayPal (we’ve some surprising news to share in a day or so’s time) and of course the presentations from and award ceremony from the Lengow Startup Spotlight competition.

Lengow are a company only established in 2009, but have grown fast supporting French retailers not just in France but around the world.

Lengow StaffThey’ve established a presence in many countries including the UK and Germany, and specialise in managing your product catalogue. Once you’re product inventory is loaded into Lengow, they can feed it out to the many marketplaces that they support including of course Yandex in Russia who were presenting this week.

It was great to network with so many French retailers, presenters from around the world and of course the guys and girls from Lengow, who it’s rumoured know how to party and posed on the stairs before heading off for the post-conference drinks party in the evening.

If you can make the next Lengow Ecommerce Day in Paris in 2016 it’s a great way to discover more about European Ecommerce from the guys that live and breath it (most of the presentation are translated on the fly into English so don’t worry if like me you don’t speak French). Alternatively we hear that they’re planning to bring #LengowDay to both the UK and Germany in 2016 so watch out for more information in the New Year!

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