eBay’s post PayPal split mission statement

By Chris Dawson June 9, 2015 - 7:35 am

eBay Business 2014Everyone who sells on eBay should be taking a look at the slides from today’s investor presentation, one of the first views of how eBay will move forward after the split from PayPal.

First up is eBay’s mission statement: “eBay will be the world’s most vibrant marketplace for discovering great value and unique selection”. Note they say “will be” and not “is”, there is work to do.

Next interesting stats are that 75% of sales are business to consumer, 76% are new items and 80% are now sold in the fixed price format. 52% of sales are now “touched” by mobile, even if the sale is completed on a desktop mobile comes into play for more than half of all sales on eBay.

eBay’s core customers

eBay categorised 3 core customers in their investor presentation:

Core Buyers

Attributes: Enjoys Shopping; Loves Great Deals; Wants Unique Selection

SMB Sellers

Wish List: Sales Velocity; Business Intelligence; Fair Standards

Consumer Sellers

Wish List: Easy to List/Sell; Price Realisation; Secure Payments

What’s interesting here is that in recent years eBay has put a lot of effort into attracting large merchants to sell on the marketplace. It turns out that they aren’t eBay’s core customers regardless of how much GMV they bring. The core sellers are the small to medium size retailers (i.e. the majority of Tamebay readers).

Structured Data

Expect eBay to move towards more catalogue listings and insist on GTINs amd MPNs in an ever increasing number of categories. As each individual eBay listing is created by an individual seller, eBay need data points to identify products for effective marketing.

eBay’s Future Direction

eBay gave five key indicators to their future direction. Have a think about how they may impact you and your business:

  • Focus on our core buyers and sellers
  • Showcase our spectrum of value and unique selection
  • Leverage data to drive a better user experience
  • Invest in structured data to improve discoverability
  • Create engaging, multiscreen product experiences
  • Mark
    2 years ago

    While the larger merchants weren’t their core customer, having household, high street names on the site has helped improve eBay’s image.

  • Ian A
    2 years ago

    Yey ebay want my business again. They should have thought of that before they gave it to the chinese!

    They finally seem to have cottoned on to what buyers and sellers have been saying for the past 2 years. Cautiously optimistic but most my sales these days are through another dedicated site and physical cabinets. Theyre going to have to work hard to get folks back onside.

  • Ian A
    2 years ago

    Some glossy speak in the presentation but there are certainly challenges ahead with the Seo and search. They want a catalogue but they want unique items?? Hmm.

    • Toadlady
      2 years ago

      I agree those 2 elements are a contradiction. Very few of my items have EANs, GTINs, MPNs or whatever and even those that do, you’d be hard pushed to find them on any search engine so what exactly is the point of them on eBay?
      I certainly don’t want to rely on eBay (or another seller) to write my descriptions or take my photos – that is why I decided not to sell on Amazon.

  • Gary
    2 years ago

    I really don’t care what they do. They will never have my business again as a buyer or a seller.

  • Andy R
    2 years ago


    We’ve cocked it up so badly that large volume sellers are abandoning us.

    So let’s ditch the few that remain and focus on smaller sellers who can be bullied and fleeced.

  • 2 years ago

    I am in a different position to most other sellers. I want to clear my stock so I can retire. I would be very happy to be able to list many more items. But my sales on popular lines have almost disappeared and I find myself wondering about where the buyers have gone. ebay should immediately re-instate the Free Listing Weekend and indeed increase the numbers of items that can be listed during such a weekend from 100 to perhaps 1,000

    Then and only then will I be convinced that ebay really wants to attract back the small seller.

    • Toadlady
      2 years ago

      When did eBay last have a ‘free listing weekend’ for business sellers?

    • Richard
      2 years ago

      £0 Insertion Fees for fixed-price listings.
      For Business Sellers: 50,000 x £0 Insertion Fees for eligible listings.
      Start: 04/05/15 00:53:07 BST
      End: 10/05/15 23:59:59 BST

    • 2 years ago

      I am not a Full Time Trader. I am a Private Seller who would very much like not to be selling at all but I have an accumulated stock to clear from when I used to Wholesale Books and also take a Book Stall around the Traction Engine Rallies and similar events.

      As it is just me and my spare bedroom and of course I am limited by long term Health Problems I could not cope with 50,000 items. But I would be very happyh with a more regular 1,000 Free Listings say once a month.

      After all ebay needs sales(it gains from the FVF etc), I need the sales to clear my stock so I can retire. After all in August I am going to inherit a very large sum of money. I really do not want to be still selling books. I want to be able to spend the rest of my life without having to log onto ebay to see what has sold.

      But I will still have to log onto ebay every morning because I still will still have a large accumulated stock to clear. So come on Mr ebay. Give all us Private Sellers a good run of Free Listing Weekends(thinking about a 1,000 Free Listing Weekend maybe it should be a Free Listing Week,including the weekends fore and aft of the week). In case anybody queries this. It is only me(and the cat) in my spare bedroom.

    • Gary
      2 years ago

      Why bother to retail the books? Sell the books as a job lot and retire or donate them to charity or the Severn Valley Railway or some other appropriate cause. Do you really want the hassle?

    • 2 years ago

      Thank you Gary. Now why didn’t I think about selling my Book Stock for peanuts. I just wonder???

      Also in many ways I would miss them. I know that there is a degree of hassle but after selling Books since about 1970 I have grown used to having them around. Before anybody jumps in and says that selling for so long proves this or that. The first probably 10 years or so I was selling on behalf of various Societies at weekends at Traction Engine Rallies. Indeed until I have something to fill that void(and I am looking around for something to replace them) I think that I will continue to sell them.

      As for the idea of donating them to such as the Severn Valley Railway. If I did donate them it would be to the 6024 Preservation Society Limited(Registered as a Charity, Friendly & Provident Society and a Business). However see above.

      Indeed recently I was moaning about the lack of Free Listing Weekends. However this Sunday and for the next couple of days there is a Free Listing for 100 items for Private Sellers on ebay. But you have to search for any mention of it. I logged on early Sunday to see if anything was happening.

      I looked around at my own sales items. the items that I was bidding on and of course browsed for a while in case there was anything I might be interested in. No time during the time I was on ebay did I see anything about Free Listings.

      Then towards the end of Sunday I did the same and there was the announcement. So I jumped in and logged onto the offer. This morning I have again been on ebay and again I have not seen anything about the Free Listings.

      So if you want to take advantage of the Free Listings you might have to search for the announcement. However it is no longer of interest to me. I listed my 100 items from my Unsold. All I need now is for the customers to roll up and buy the various Books that I re-listed.

    • Fred
      2 years ago

      If you’re going to inherit a very large some of money why don’t you give them to a charity and let them have the headache of selling them. Or do you like headaches?

    • TINKER
      2 years ago

      were delighted your inheriting a large sum of money
      you may now be able to afford the therapy you need

  • paddy
    2 years ago

    Perhaps they should make up with Google and get listings back on the search engine.

    • 2 years ago

      Hello Paddy,

      I am totally agree with your comment. They want to get rankings again in Google and other search engines.


  • Jane Surrey
    2 years ago

    Ebay has faults but its miles better than Amazon.

    After 11 years on Amazon with a 100% record my account was closed down by Amazon.

    Reaon: Auto-bot flagged my account because not enough of my buyers left feedback after purchase.

    Despite no problems and happy buers –
    No claims, no defects and everything posted with tracking – My account was suspended then shutdown within 10 days.

    Worst customer service I have ever experienced.

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