Do you want to be a casual Amazon courier?

By Chris Dawson June 16, 2015 - 9:00 pm

Amazon Casual CourierAmazon are about to ask you and I to deliver their packages with a new app called “On My Way” under development according to the WSJ.

The idea is that you’d be able to make a bit of cash on the side by collecting a parcel from a high street retailer and dropping it off on the way to your destination. If you wanted to be an Amazon lifestyle courier, you’d use the On My Way app to locate a parcel near to where you live which needed to be delivered close to where ever you’d heading.

Of course there’s lots of wrinkles Amazon would need to iron out before it became a reality, for instance who’s responsible if a parcel is lost or damaged. What happens if the recipient isn’t at home and you’re left wandering the streets with a parcel as you head to a club for the night. What happens if you’re in a car accident, will your insurance cover you moonlighting as an ad hoc courier. That’s without pondering on what the average Amazon customer will think of their un-uniformed lifestyle courier turning out to be their next door neighbour.

Other challenges include getting parcels to pick up locations for their proposed casual courier network – Amazon Lockers could be part of the solution, as could retail stores that Amazon already have arrangements with, for instance Collect Plus in the UK.

Amazon are without a doubt one of the most innovative companies in the world when it comes to solving delivery issues. Whether On My Way will become a reality or not remains to be seen, but they’re looking for two things: Convenience for customers and cutting costs wherever possible. Even if Amazon cut pennies off each delivery they’d be saving many millions each year on their logistics bill.

So… who wants to be an Amazon life style courier?

  • Stuart
    6 years ago

    Does that mean I could order a parcel for myself and then earn money delivering it to myself? Then return it and keep the dosh? haha

  • tom klein
    6 years ago

    Insurance policies in the UK normally have clear exemptions regarding use of vehicle for delivery of goods.

    It might need some thought on that basis.

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