Deliveroo wins the 2015 Tamebay Cup

By Chris Dawson June 10, 2015 - 1:22 am

Deliveroo Tamebay Ecommerce Cup 2015 ChampionsThe Tamebay Ecommerce Cup managed by Genie and the Geek was played tonight with the 2015 champions Deliveroo, outplaying gallant runners up ChannelAdvisor in the final, to walk away triumphant with the cup.

Deliveroo enable you to order high-quality takeaway online from top UK restaurants, fast delivery straight to your home or office and they certainly delivered the goods tonight. There may be a few sore heads to go with the stiff limbs tomorrow as when I left they were still celebrating their win in the bar.

Get well soon!

Talking of sore limbs, for the first time ever in the Ecommerce Cup we saw a number of injuries, including two serious enough to see players on their way to hospital. Gumtree lost a player with a broken wrist who was packed off to the local A&E, not to mention a later broken toe and pulled hamstring for other Gumtree players. ChannelAdvisor then had a player with a nasty swollen ankle who opted to Uber a lift to St Thomas’ A&E so that at least when he’s discharged he’d be a bit closer to home.

There were also the normal assortment of scrapes and bruises and we wish all the players a speedy recovery!

Special mentions and thanks

Refreshingly a number of ladies played in teams this year (well done Bid On This and Internet Retailing!). We also witnessed the first ever Ecommerce Cup goal scored by a lady – Polina Modenova from Internet Retailing.

It was great to see many old friends and also to welcome a number of new teams to the event. There was something like 150 people present as including the teams many bought their fans to cheer them along too.

Tamebay Cup Blue CardA big thank you to the refs who come from Goals, without them there would be mayhem but they manage to keep the games flowing and steadfastly ignore the many appeals of “Ref!!” from the side lines. Kudos to Flubit for winning the first blue card of 2015 and a two minute sending off in the first hour of the tournament.

As always the event was run superbly by the guys from Genie and the Geek who’s team organised the whole event. Many thanks to the Genies who made sure each team knew where they were playing and the Geeks who diligently recorded the result of every game so that we can publish the league tables.

Ecommerce Cup 2015 Team Photos

Ecommerce Cup 2015 Group Stage Draw

Tamebay Ecommerce Cup Managed by Genie and the Geek
Group Stages

Group A

Group B

Group C

Group D

World First Drinkstuff ChannelAdvisor Babz Media
NetDespatch Desk Beer Internet Retailing JustGiving
Amazon Flubit Town Gumtree Uber
Fireworks AC POQ Studio Iwoca Deliveroo
Linnworks weFlubit The Car Part Co Zoocha
Bid On This Where to Buy eBay PayPal
  • 2 years ago

    Well done to Deliveroo, and all that took part. Team Drinkstuff will be back next year to take the cup home!

  • 2 years ago

    Big thanks from all the JustGiving team – a great event and a night that exceeded our pretty bleak expectations given we reached the semis.

    Special nod to the refs who in our case did a great job of running things in the right sprit. Well done Deliveroo.

  • Michael Adesina
    2 years ago

    Firstly congratulations to Deliveroo on the win, well deserved boys! Secondly but more importantly, well done to ALL involved, it was an awesome afternoon, which was extremely enjoyable! Thanks @Genie and the Greek for organising.
    Also, just a progress update for @Chris Dawson, the ankle swelling is slowly deflating from it’s previously balloon like state and returning to a normal size. Although I still can’t walk on it yet, it’ll be OK :-)
    Lastly – what an awesome industry we work in; I can’t wait to do it all over again next year! (Minus the injury)

    • 2 years ago

      Hi Michael
      Glad to hear the ankle is getting better.. It looked really nasty. Next year a ChannelAdvisor win? :-)

    • Michael Adesina
      2 years ago

      That’s certainly the plan! ;-)
      I think the ankle will take a few weeks to be 100% but the Cup was worth it! Looking forward to next year!

  • Thomas Metscher
    2 years ago

    pretty sure deliveroo did not use official players, seemed like there was a level of play that was “imported” for this particular match.

  • Thomas Metscher
    2 years ago

    that being said, i do like the service a lot.

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