Consumers welcome payments choices

By Dan Wilson June 21, 2015 - 3:45 pm

According to research by Sage Pay, buyers judge a business on the number and types of payment options available. Apparently, 25% of buyers will choose a store based on the number of payment options available to them.

Credit and debit cards were ranked as the most popular payment method by the study. Contactless came second – with 31% of UK businesses now offering it as an option.

Sean Wilson of Sage Pay says: “Our research makes it clear the UK’s consumers have taken an affinity to the convenience and speed of cashless payment types. There are huge opportunities for businesses nationwide to take advantage of this but few are capitalising on them.Now is not the time for businesses to be treading water on payments technology. They need to invest to ensure they don’t follow outdated cash payments down the road to obscurity.”

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