CAA: Amazon sent dangerous goods on planes

By Chris Dawson June 25, 2015 - 5:40 pm

LIthium BatteriesAmazon UK are being accused by the CAA of illegally transporting dangerous goods on planes, according the the Mail and Mirror.

The papers say that the CAA is prosecuting Amazon for sending lithium-ion batteries, aerosols and car screen wash on planes.

Requesting an adjournment Amazon said in court “The issue is there is no dispute on the prosecution statement of facts, but there is statutory defence of reasonable care”.

Amazon are facing 11 charges and are yet to enter a plea after the adjournment was granted.

Whilst Amazon might claim a defence of “reasonable care”, it’s a salutatory reminder to check your carriers rules for carrying hazardous goods. Full details for Royal Mail are available in their Prohibitions and restrictions in the domestic and international post pdf booklet.

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