Beware Royal Mail scam emails

By Dan Wilson June 15, 2015 - 1:26 am

The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) is asking people to be alert for scam emails claiming to be from Royal Mail. The emails trick people into downloading “CryptoLocker ransom ware”.

Here’s how it works. You might receive an email saying that Royal Mail is holding a parcel. A response to the email is required to arrange for the item to be resent/collected:

“- Email states that they are holding a letter and there will be a £5 per day charge if the letter is not collected. It then instructs the victim to click on a link to get the letter resent. From here the ransomware infects the victims system.

– Email states that a parcel could not be delivered and that it is waiting for collection. A link on the email is provided for further information. The link takes the victim to a page that appears to be part of the Royal Mail website where victims are requested to enter a code (believed to have been in the original email). Once the code has been entered the victim is instructed to download an application, this application downloads the ransomware.

According to the Royal Mail and NFIB the emails appear to be coming from”

You can read up more here.

Have you received one of these emails?

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