Amazon Prime Now 1 hour delivery for Londoners

By Chris Dawson June 30, 2015 - 12:01 pm

Amazon have launched one hour delivery exclusively for Amazon Prime Members based in London. You can also select a two hour delivery slot the same day for free.

The service known as Amazon Prime Now first launched in the US and has spread to cities across the States, now for the first time Londoners can get their Amazon fix within one hour for just £6.99 delivery charge, or the same day in a two hour time slot of their choosing with free delivery.

Accompanying the new service is a new Amazon Prime Now app, available on Android, Apple iOS, and the Amazon App store. Currently delivery is available in central London only, but you can check you postcode for coverage on the app and Amazon say that they’re expanding to cover more of the city as quickly as possible.

Whilst Amazon Prime Now doesn’t cover the entire catalogue of Amazon products and is marketed as ideal for last minute essentials, in reality there’s a pretty broad range of household staples, computers, gadgets and gizmos available. About to set off for lunch in the park today and forgot your sun care lotion? Order it on Amazon and it can be delivered to your office before you go out.

One of the interesting parts of the app is that, as well as paying £6.99 for a one hour delivery, you’re expected to tip your courier. The tip is collected as per your normal payments to Amazon but the tip goes to the person that delivers your shopping.

Will Amazon Prime Now catch on? Well I’d probably have used it the day my laptop bag broke on the way to a conference. I’m not so sure I’d use it on a regular basis. If you’re the type of person who’s always forgetting the groceries it’s ideal for top up shopping, especially if you opt for a free two hour delivery slot rather than one hour delivery.

If you’re in London download the app and give Amazon Prime Now a whirl today. We’d be very interested to find out who get’s the fastest delivery and how smooth the entire process is.

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