Amazon offers free shipping on small items

By Dan Wilson June 8, 2015 - 12:23 am

Amazon has started offering free shipping on small items that have a low shipping cost. Dubbed FBA Small and Light, there’s no minimum order and the shipping offered is a two day service. Currently, as far as we can see, this is only available in the US but often such innovations do come to the UK in due course.

Interestingly, this offer extends to all buyers and not just those using Amazon Prime (which in the States costs $99 a year).

Obviously, this parks the Amazon tanks firmly on eBay’s lawn and is a clear attempt to woo those very price conscious eBay sellers over to Amazon. The sort of items this applies to are make-up, phone accessories and other weeny and light things like that. The exact terms are that the sale weighs less than or equal to 8 ounces, is 9x6x2 inches or smaller and costs less than $10.

FBA sellers will be included in the scheme although it seems to be invitation only at this stage. This discussion on the Amazon forum will be of interest if you want to know more.

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