New design Buy Box appears on Amazon

By Chris Dawson May 27, 2015 - 6:05 am

New-Amazon-Buy-BoxAmazon appear to be testing a new Buy Box. Not only is the familiar blue design missing in some categories but there are multiple variations of the new version for different products.

If you’re browsing DVDs, you may see a new Buy Box design which offers you a choice to “Buy New” or “Buy Used”.

It’s unlikely that most people will want to buy multiple copies of a single DVD, but in other categories where multi-quantity orders are more likely instead of the new/used option Amazon offer a drop down box in the new Buy Box so that you can select the quantity desired. Amazon also retail the option to see offers from other sellers at different prices.

The new Buy Box looks way better than the familiar blue Buy Box, which to be honest does look a bit 1990s as far as design goes. What do you think though? Have you spotted any changes in the categories you buy and sell in. Is the design tweak an improvement or have Amazon missed

  • Nas
    2 years ago

    I have noticed this as well. As a marketseller, it was good to have your price on the list of 3 other sellers, especially when our prices tend to be cheaper than Amazon.

    This new buy box, is not as clear to the customer and I do think that it is unlikely that anyone would buy from anyone else but the person who has the buy box.

  • Cambridge_Blue
    2 years ago

    Totally agree.
    By all means freshen up the ‘buy box’ but losing the list of other top sellers in the box is bad news in our view.

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