myHermes launches International shipping

By Chris Dawson May 27, 2015 - 7:06 am

myHermes have launched an international delivery solution aiming to help smaller retailers and online marketplace traders to economically ship items to 190 countries.

myHermes say typical savings when using myHermes International are 31% or £12.51 cheaper than Royal Mail when sending an individual 1kg parcel to Australia and 12% or £1.55 lower for 1kg parcels heading to Germany.

The move comes in response to the latest myHermes research that revealed an average of 78% of shoppers across the UK, France and Germany have made an online purchase from a foreign retailer. The UK also topped the poll of countries that French and German shoppers have bought from and the new service will provide an opportunity for SMEs to capture the new wave of online consumers who are ordering from overseas websites.

The myHermes International network incorporates six continents in total and includes countries such as Australia, China and the US as well as all major European destinations. The service offers a fully tracked end-to-end functionality that can be monitored online.

By launching this cost effective service, myHermes is addressing the key reservation consumers have when it comes to purchasing goods from online foreign retailers – high costs. As a part of the research, an average of 51% of consumers across the three countries revealed the main reason for not online shopping abroad was due to high delivery charges.

The solution forms part of myHermes’ ongoing commitment to developing an innovative portfolio of products to its SME clients. Additional features will be added to the service later in the year designed to streamline how clients process large volumes of parcels. This includes the functionality to automatically upload the details of multiple outgoing parcels onto the service’s website via a CSV file.

For more information or to get a quote visit You can of course book as few as a single international parcel, there are no contracts or minimum number of consignments with myHermes so this is an ideal solution for retailers who have the occasional or low volume international shipments.

  • 2 years ago

    prices are astronomic

  • 2 years ago

    I really hope that they can come up with some competitive pricing for international tracked parcels.
    I did a quick quote on their website for a pair of shoes to be sent to Israel.
    MyHermes = £33.52
    Royal Mail Tracked = £6.00 on my OBA account

    I tried Australia
    MyHermes = £27.84
    Royal Mail Tracked = £6.00 on my OBA account

    Not quite the saving I was expecting but I guess I’m not comparing eggs with eggs here.
    Perhaps this a service to compare against a courier rather than mail service? But a customer just cares about cost and speed and are not too bothered about what van it arrives in.
    Although I have an account with MyHermes (unused at the moment) which I needed to log in to get the quote, I think that discussing my volume requirements with them over the phone should bring down that price a bit. Or at least I hope it would.
    Let’s see.

    • 2 years ago

      I think it’s fair to say that if you’ve a Royal Mail account you might get a better deal and also that you need to compare Royal Mail with tracking to myHermes International.

      It won’t be for everyone, more as I said for people with just one or two parcels to send occasionally.

    • elvis
      2 years ago

      What code are you using in OBA to get a price of £6? what weight are the shoes?

      Think I’ve been missing this one somewhere as I pay more than this. I don’t sell shows though but do send boxes similar sizes to shoe boxes

    • Craig
      2 years ago

      I would also like to know about this OBA code you are using. We have recently switched all European orders to DPD because Royal Mail tracked and signed is a waste of money. We have lost hundreds of pounds worth of orders with this system. It’s worth noting that we have only had problems with orders going to France.

      Please let us know what service you are using?

    • 2 years ago

      Sorry Elvis, I did a check whilst at home and the price shown on my OBA screen was £6.00 (to the penny).
      However when I come to emulate it at work the price shows £8.30 using code MP1 (International tracked) for a 360g packet. They are childrens shoes so may be lighter than our goods.
      Quite a difference from the £6.00 but still a world away from the MyHermes price.

      Chris, I was comparing Royal Mail with Tracking – the Royal Mail International Tracked service.
      I checked on the Royal Mail site too as if I was a normal punter pushing a parcel across the counter and the price shown for Israel Tracked was £12.45 with a 5-7 day delivery (MyHermes £33.52).

      So me thinks Mr MyHermes may have got his prices wrong on his website at the moment if “typical savings when using myHermes International are 31% or £12.51 cheaper than Royal Mail”.

      For a 1kg package to Israel using the Royal Mail counter the price is £17.20.
      But I’m not wanting to diss the efforts of another company to provide competition for Royal Mail, especially when the website may not be showing the most competitive prices. Far from it. This sounds like great news and I’m going to explore it a bit more to see if savings can be made.
      Thank you Tamebay for bringing it to my attention.

    • Sara
      2 years ago

      It might be worth considering the dimensions too. Royal Mail are cheaper for packages but if it moves into the parcel category the prices change dramatically

  • ifellow
    2 years ago

    The rates are higher than say parcelmonkey and size restrictions are far greater. Not sure where they were planning to go with this.

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