Identify the next hot products with Trendosaur

By Chris Dawson May 21, 2015 - 10:40 pm

TrendosaurThe online retail industry is a 1.3 Trillion Dollar beast. Retail Companies world-wide battle it out to stay ahead of trends and cash in on the latest and greatest Top Selling Products. How do these companies stay one step ahead of the game?… by using Trendosaur, a piece of technology that scans thousands of publicly listed sales every day from all over the planet and identifies top selling products in their infancy, a retail buyer’s dream.

A variety of online retailers are now using Trendosaur to monitor which products are selling well around the world, with personalized live product category reports in front of them instantaneously.

There’s plenty of software out there for sales people, but for buyers there’s almost nothing” Blake Nussey of Trendosaur told us. Sales CRMS, Lead Generators, Telemarketers, Appointment setters, all help Salespeople sell more efficiently. Trendosaur, helps buyers buy more efficiently.

Trendosaur was officially brought to the public market only 3 months ago and already has a fast growing client base consisting of retail business of all sizes.

Julius Haralampou from Trendosaur explains “The online retail space is getting more and more competitive with the gap between China and The West becoming smaller every day. The emergence of hundreds of retail websites has led to customers being spoiled for choice when it comes to what products they buy, and what company they can buy them from. As a result, retailers need to stay on their game.”

Trendosaur was created to satisfy a need in the market. Online shop owners, buyers and Retail Giants alike, all need an authority to turn to when asking that all important question: – What products should I be selling? Trendosaur is that Authority.

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