Facebook extends Messenger payments service

By Dan Wilson May 28, 2015 - 11:53 pm

Facebook Messenger Money TransferFacebook is extending its Messenger Payments service to users in the New York area of the USA. It was previously only available in Seattle, Portland and Austin.

The service enables friends to send and receive money using the Facebook Messenger app using smartphones and desktop.

Facebook hasn’t revealed what sort of take-up the service has had but apparently 600 million people worldwide use the Messenger app.

The Facebook Messenger app has also been updated to allow payments in group chat.

What’s not clear is whether this will have an application to ecommerce in due course but it seems that Facebook is serious about cracking the payments nut and will obviously want to make some money from ecommerce in due course so this is doubtless a step in that direction.

Tamebay wrote about the launch of payments in Facebook Messenger when it launched earlier in the year. The video below explains how it works:

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