Etsy allows buyers to include photos in feedback reviews

By Dan Wilson May 5, 2015 - 2:02 am

Crafts and vintage marketplace Etsy, which recently went public on the NASDAQ stock exchange, is pioneering a new feature for buyers. They can now offer pictures in their feedback reviews.

Etsy says: We are launching a photo sharing feature that makes it easier for our mobile shoppers to share these unique experiences along with one-of-a-kind finds from Etsy sellers. Shoppers can now include a photograph of their purchase when leaving a five-star review, and seamlessly share that image across their social networks or privately via email or text.

A positive review from a shopper can benefit sellers in many ways. An increase in positive reviews for a product may significantly increase the number of orders for that item. Reviews also add value and credibility to a seller’s shop, can provide details on an item that may not be immediately apparent, and when shared, can generate interest from others in that shopper’s network.”

This is an idea that’s totally suited to Etsy and could be applied to other marketplaces. It incentivises praise, 5* reviews and speaks to the idea that people should be utterly delighted with what they buy. Could a variation have merit on eBay?

  • Gary
    2 years ago

    Problem with ebay is that feedback is seller based not product based. Consequently only images that highlight negatives would be left. ebay would use such a feature to penalise sellers in some way.

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