eBay Germany trials buyer loyalty scheme called eBay+

By Dan Wilson May 14, 2015 - 7:12 pm is trialling a buyer loyalty scheme called eBay+ and it looks a great deal like Amazon Prime.

Although full details have yet to emerge, buyers will be able to pay an annual subscription fee of something like €15 – €20 and in return members will get expedited and guaranteed speedy shipping and free returns on their purchases.

And obviously there would be scope for other perks. It’s said that the scheme will roll out properly in the second half of the year after testing.

eBay+ is currently being trialled with a select group of sellers in Germany. It will be interesting to see if the trial is a success and rolled out in the UK.

It’s good to see eBay experimenting with loyalty schemes for buyers because retaining those good and honest, and high spending customers, is good news as the ecommerce market matures. It makes much more sense to tie-in buyers than try and win over new ones. Although these terms may reassure buyers who have previously been wary of using eBay too.

  • james
    5 years ago

    what? no!

    amazon can do amazon prime, because amazon ships the goods, and if they’re late, amazons to blame.

    guess who’s gonna get hammered when ebay start promising guaranteed delivery? not ebay, since they dont deliver jack.

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