Digest those UK Small Business Manifestos before you vote

By Dan Wilson May 6, 2015 - 3:09 am

It’s crunch time. For the first time in 5 years, voters in the UK can cast their ballots in a General Election to choose our new national government.

Lots of concerns will determine how you cast your vote. But as a small business related blog we wanted to help you to digest the policies and ideas of the main parties and help you inform yourself about their plans.

It’s easier said than done.

The Conservative manifesto for small business is here.

You will find Labour’s business manifesto here.

The Liberal Democrats don’t have a specific manifesto for SMEs, so here’s their full offering.

The same is true for the Greens. Plaid Cymru too.

The SNP digest their SME policies here. UKIP claims to be the party of small business.

As we’ve noted before here on Tamebay, we don’t think that any party truly understands the cohort of brilliant SMEs, micro-businesses and sole traders that predominantly make up such a large part of our ecommerce enterprises. And that’s a shame.

Discussion of SME policy almost entirely ignores kitchen table entrepreneurs and very small traders who couldn’t care less about corporation tax and things like tax relief for investors. We’re more interested in being treated fairly by banks on things like loans and overdrafts, cash flow, swift payments to aid cash-flow and onerous red tape that big biz can dodge and business rates.

A VAT cut would be a boon.

But if you want a detailed view, the Enterprise Nation blog has picked out the manifesto highlights on their blog. Check that out here. (But don’t forget they are Conservative leaning.)

How will you be voting?

  • Stuart
    2 years ago

    I have always voted Conservative but this time around I am finding it really hard to decide what to do as non of the parties stand out for me in anyway.

    We have a bit of a tit of a local Conservative candidate running this time around who wants to ban windfarms and is chums with Peter Bone, who I have never agreed with.

    I just can’t see Milliband as a strong leader I am afraid and the business manifesto and that stupid stone are all way to vague to stand for anything.

  • 2 years ago

    It seems you’re not the only one Stuart. We recently conducted a survey that states small biz owners are no longer a sure Con vote. In fact, they were voted as one of the more damaging parties for SME owners.

    See for yourself:

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