Amazon to launch “Handmade” category competitor to Etsy

By Dan Wilson May 26, 2015 - 12:54 am

It looks like Amazon are parking their tanks on Etsy’s lawn with the launch of a new “handmade” section due to launch soon.

Etsy hasn’t had the best time in the past week after posting dodgy results post going public and this move from Amazon may well add to its woes.

The news came in an email to Amazon sellers that said: “We’re offering artisans like you a first peek at Handmade, a new marketplace for handcrafted goods.”

Amazon are currently seeking expressions of interest from merchants of handmade goods. You can fill out the online form here.

And there’s a lot we don’t know. It looks like this is limited to US sellers in the first instance and there is also no indication of a launch timetable or indeed fees. It’s worth noting that what Etsy charges, when compared to Amazon’s fee structures, looks modest.

But the popularity of a well executed section of Amazon could well be a blow to Etsy, even if it did, doubtless, lack its community charm and luxurious look and feel.

Would you sell on a dedicated online marketplace for handmade goods powered by Amazon?

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