Amazon extends same-day delivery service in the USA

By Dan Wilson May 29, 2015 - 2:02 am

Amazon just keeps upping the ante on delivery. Now they’ve announced that more Amazon Prime members can utilise free same-day delivery in the US.

This means orders from Amazon Prime members of more than $35 will be shipped for free. The order must be placed by noon to be received by 9pm. In America Prime costs $99 per annum.

And Amazon is also extending the areas that can take advantage of this service. The new areas that will be served are Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Dallas Fort Worth, Indianapolis, LA, NYC, Philadelphia, Phoenix, the San Francisco Bay area, Seattle-Tacoma, Washington D.C., San Diego and Tampa Bay.

This expansion means that 1 million items can be bought by Amazon Prime subscribers from a total of 500 cities and towns across the States.

Amazon Prime VP Greg Greeley said of this development in an interview with Geekwire: “I’ve been here 15 years, and we spend all our time on how to lower prices and this is just another example. Since I took over the Prime program a year and a half ago, we continue to look at how we can lower prices, but it’s also what can we do to make Prime customers’ lives better. How can we leverage everything Amazon is doing and bring those to our Prime members? And, so, this is another one. We have the capability to delivery millions of items same day, and the team’s been working hard to give us the capacity. As for pricing, we like to think of it as the best deal in the history of shopping and today it only gets better.”

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