72% of UK cyber attacks are homegrown

By Dan Wilson May 12, 2015 - 5:51 pm

Received wisdom has long held that syberattacks typically come from organised gangs overseas, but Aaccording to fraud prevention company ThreatMetrix, that isn’t the case after all. They say that of the cyberattacks that occur in the UK 72% of them originate within our borders.

Tony Larks from ThreatMetrix says they were surprised by the results: “We all hold this belief that is coming from elsewhere – Africa, south east Asia, Russia, China. You always want the bad guy to be somewhere that is not close to you. There is an element that the bad guy is someone who doesn’t speak your language, who doesn’t live in your street, that is quite a way away.”

After the UK, the biggest threats come from Mexico, Nigeria, Germany and the USA respectively.

You can find the research here.

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