PayPal’s ‘one touch’ instant checkout launches on the web

By Dan Wilson April 29, 2015 - 12:15 am

PayPal’s ‘one touch’ instant checkout system has launched on the web.

The system, which was pioneered by Paypal as part of its mobile app functionality, is now coming to the web. Basically, it means that shoppers won’t have to sign in every single time they buy and their login details are remembered.

Not only does this greatly reduce the time it takes to pay using PayPal (especially on a mobile it was a fiddly business to sign in and type out a password) but the ease of the system has been seen to increase conversion. One of ecommerce major painpoints is payment and a great many shoppers drop out of the process if it’s too much hassle.

This is a significant development for PayPal and the sort of innovation that gives it a competitive edge in the very crowded and savage payments market we’v seen evolve in recent years.

One touch is available right now for shoppers in the US and will launch internationally in the months to come.

This video demonstrates how One Touch works.

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