Marketplace Fulfilment Webinar (Rerun)

By Chris Dawson April 16, 2015 - 8:39 pm

If you missed the Marketplace Fulfilment webinar which eSeller invited me to present on last Tuesday, you can now watch the rerun on YouTube.

In truth you’ve probably read much of the content discussed if you’re a regular Tamebay reader, but if you’re not or you want to catch up on the latest including the state of deliveries in the UK, what Amazon and eBay do right (and wrong!), new innovations in delivery and returns and what they entail for your business then here it is:

If you are up to date on the content, you may find the Q&A interesting which starts 29 minutes into the presentation.

Also don’t forget to visit eSeller for a ton more content relevant to marketplace sellers.

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