Linnworks beta-tests integration with Cdiscount

By Chris Dawson April 1, 2015 - 8:54 am

DSN Marketing FeatI’ve been speaking to James Bradbury of DSN Marketing for the past couple of weeks following a project he’s been working on with a client.

DSN are a digital marketing agency in Horsham with a tonne of experience when it comes to channel marketing; you name a channel, and they’ve probably worked with it. DSN Marketing have just launched the first retailer in the UK to use Linnworks’ new Cdiscount integration.

Cdiscount is a marketplace we don’t hear much about, but one of the most important French marketplaces, billing themselves as “N°1 du e-commerce en France”. We asked James to tell us a little more about the first Linnworks Integration and here’s what he had to share:

Linnworks beta-tests integration with Cdiscount

DSN Marketing are delighted to have been working closely with Linnworks to integrate one of our clients as the very first beta tester of the integration of Cdiscount to the order management software.

Before this integration, orders from Cdiscount had to be inputted to the system manually or via spread sheet, which is a time-consuming (and boring!) process. This integration onto the Linnworks systems has saved time (and money) for our client, who are delighted with the improvement.

Linnworks CDiscountWorking closely with the development team at Linnworks has meant that most of the initial teething issues have been resolved so far, especially accommodating complexities in French address layouts. One outstanding issue still to be resolved is including the tracking number and link to a tracking page that Cdiscount requires for its orders – but this will be fixed soon [Editors note: This is now fixed and working really well]!

Our client is averaging about 40 items a day on this channel, and was doing more than double this over Christmas – they say it has saved them 2 to 3 hours a day, which is time they can spend concentrating on advertising, marketing and growing their business.

We’ve found working with Linnworks to be a really valuable experience for our clients; the system is brilliant, intuitive and flexible; it’s a game changing asset when it comes to order management and stock control – we couldn’t recommend it highly enough. And now that it integrates with Cdiscount, there’s even more reason to consider using it! It’s going into the cloud soon too, which will add even greater usability and ease of access (using it on a Mac is a bit of a pain!).

Cdiscount is a must-look-at platform if you’re selling in France (and if you aren’t, why not!?). The marketplace is considered to be the second largest for ecommerce in France, and is a great additional platform to consider selling on, especially if you’re offering lower value products in the media and consumer electronics sector. They are also a strong marketplace for clothes, toys and the home. They’ve got a lot of incentives to get customers transacting (like a 20% off store card which is free for the first year) and do lots of ‘flash sales’ which can be great for moving stock. One of our clients (the beta tester, in fact) has sold over 10,000 items since they started selling on the marketplace last year.

To find out more about selling on Cdiscount or working with Linnworks, give us a call on 01403 267 877, or email us at [email protected]

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Cdiscount is the 1st French and European marketplace


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