Latitude working lunch for marketeers 6/5/15

By Chris Dawson April 28, 2015 - 6:03 am

LatitudeYou’re a marketing professional, you’ve done your research, signed off your marketing plan, but how do you ensure you can effectively react to market opportunities and potential threats on the fly?

Join Latitude, Callcredit and Google for a working lunch on the 6th of May and see how the experts expect the unexpected. Topics include “Bidding on British Summer Time”, “Using Time Sensitive Data to Drive Better Localised Content”, “User Profiling, Predictive Analytics and Personalisation” and “Trends and Tools”. At the end there’ll be a roundtable discussion followed by networking drinks.

This is probably not an event for the typical small business marketplace seller, but if you employ a full time marketeer, or are a senior marketer working in the retail, travel/leisure and online gaming industries this is an event for you.

Latitude are a digital marketing agency that say “Digital marketing strategy is our bread and butter. We also do service really, really well“. To attend their working lunch you’ll need to register in advance. The event takes place at the Haymarket Hotel, London.

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