Is the eBay Listing frame working again?

By Chris Dawson April 16, 2015 - 9:58 pm

eBay Listing FrameWe know that many eBay sellers have been irate that the Listing Frame has been missing from their listings. This issue has been going on for some time, but it may now be fixed. Tamebay reader Chris contacted us to tell us that although the listing frame was still absent from his listings, a call to customer support got the issue fixed, at least for him.

When Chris called UK Customer Support he was told that there was a “manual tweak” needed by eBay which only took about a minute. After that the Listing Frame was back. He was advised that there is a “note” in the Customer Support Technical Reports telling the CS Rep how to do it.

Do you have your listing frame back already? If so please do let us know in comments below. Also we don’t really want to inundate eBay customer support with call if it proves that they can’t fix the listing frame issue for everyone, so would really appreciate it if you do call add a comment to let us know if your listing frame is restored.

However Chris added “I hope this will make everybody happy”, and so do Dan and I!

17/4/15 Edited to add:

eBay have told us “We understand any problem with eBay is frustrating, and are working hard to resolve this issue completely. Although Listing Frame has been partially restored, some members may still not be able to see their shop categories in their listings due to a slight delay in refreshing accounts. We are working to fully restore service for all members however if sellers are still experiencing an issue this can be quickly fixed by contacting eBay Customer Support. The full restoration of the Listing Frame for all members should take place in the near future, and we appreciate sellers’ patience in the meantime.

  • Simon
    2 years ago

    A quick(ish) online chat has our store cats back up again YEAHHHHHHH!

    • Simon
      2 years ago

      Make that a 26 minute online chat.
      Still, no need to speak to anyone.

    • 2 years ago

      Nice one Simon! Yippee!

      Next question… will eBay be able to automate the manual tweak to fix the listing frame for everyone?

  • 2 years ago

    Nice one Simon. So it sounds like everyone should be putting in a request

    But blimey it would be better if eBay just made the restoration happen automagically.


  • JD
    2 years ago

    By request on the PSB The eBay Community Manager has been personally restoring individual accounts since 1st April.

    Log in required:

    There is something about both the initial disappearance and the subsequent method of restoration that doesn’t quite gel!

  • Bunchy
    2 years ago

    I took this advice and just asked on live help to have my listing frame back and it worked.


    I’m a bit baffled as you why we have to ask.

  • Chris L
    2 years ago

    I am the person who had reported to Chris @ Tamebay that it is working after my call to Ebay yesterday.

    It is a pity that it was not fixed automatically by Ebay but at least it seems to be getting better (after an almost 9 week wait)….

    Now we need the Shopping Basket to work for listings on where we pay for international visibility….

    • Andy R
      2 years ago

      Good luck with the basket on

      I rang US Ebay after 3pm and when I asked about the basket problem they hung up on me,.

    • Simon
      2 years ago

      I get SO many international customers that ask if we combine. I DREAD it but I have a FAQ which I message to them with advice on how to work around the pitfalls.
      I have to emphasize that if they over pay postage EG buy 5 things and pay 5 lots of postage they will NOT get all of the extra postage back as EBAY keep some.
      The best solution that I thought of and was also backed up by ebay was to ask the customer to log into
      Shouldn’t really be necessary in this day and age but that’s life.

    • 2 years ago

      Hi Simon

      Is your FAQ suitable for posting in this thread?
      I’d like to see it and perhaps use it for my customers too.

    • Simon
      2 years ago

      To be honest reading it again. It’s a bit of a mish mash.
      It probably confuses more than helps BUT quite a few customers DO seem to have the intelligence to understand.
      It might help you but PLEASE DON’T FLAME ME.

      It was confirmed 12th May 2014 by ebay that buyers in the USA on will probably NOT see a basket when buying from us as we are in the UK.
      It was also confirmed that buyers in the USA ( will probably not see a ” REQUEST A TOTAL FROM SELLER ” button.
      There are 2 workarounds which are :-
      1) click BUY IT NOW on every item and the message us via ebay to combine.
      2) log into and purchase on the UK ebay platform. There the basket should be visible.

      ==== Main part of the combining FAQ =====
      we combine all items so you only pay 1 lot of postage if you pay in 1 transaction whether 1 item or 1000 items.
      The way it works is this.
      If the basket is not showing then please skip to Part 2.
      Part 1)
      ADD each item to your ebay basket.
      When you have finished adding items to your basket look for the basket image and click it.
      Ebay should show a summary with a button saying PROCEED TO CHECKOUT.
      Click Proceed to Checkout button.
      Ebay SHOULD charge £8.50 whether 1 item or 1000 items.

      Part 2)
      If ebay is NOT showing shipping as £8.50 or the basket is not showing at all then please DO NOT PAY.
      Click BUY IT NOW on each item.
      DONT PAY
      Contact us and ask us to COMBINE.

      PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT pay for each item individually otherwise we cannot refund the full amount of postage as pay pal charges a fee PER TRANSACTION and Ebay charges a fee on each shipping which is NOT refundable.
      EG each £8.50 postage you pay ebay paypal and tax man will keep £1.50

      Kind regards Simon

    • Simon
      2 years ago

      I am sure that in some countries it is impossible to combine.
      Whether that is orchestrated or not, I am sure we will never find out, especially as ebay will no longer refund extra combined postage fees.
      With the butchering of jobs going on at ebay and the lack of customer service for so many businesses and private sellers, it almost appears like a sinking ship.
      I hope I am wrong.

    • 2 years ago

      Thanks Simon!

      I haven’t read or digested it yet (just had the pop up to say that you had replied) so I will have a look now and then I can amend it to suit if necessary.

    • JD
      2 years ago

      Basket Case.
      eBay have had more than enough time to take ownership of this issue and put in place a fix.
      In the absence of any noises from eBay it appears to simply be a fee generator for both eBay and PayPal.

      It is intolerable for sellers and massively inefficient at both the systems and financial levels.

      JD aka Mr Angry

    • Simon
      2 years ago

      It’s so sad.
      I understand there have to be fees.
      When things are above the table, whether you like them or not, you know what they are.
      When things like this appear to be underhanded, they leave you with a sense of suspicion.
      At least with Amazon I KNOW in Jewellery, I will be charged 25% and their minimum charges AND that I will be charged 25% on the shipping charge, which is why the shipping charge is HIGHER. It’s upfront, IF I don’t like it I can go jump.
      So far, on ebay, I have been lucky that no one has given me negs or neutrals because of this, but I have systems for spotting it and do try to refund as much as I can without losing out.
      Some customers have paid £50, £60, £70 + for shipping that SHOULD have been combined automatically to £8.50.

    • JD
      2 years ago

      I have, up to now at least, been taking the full hit on this.

      My combined postage rules should allow free shipping on any additional items – worldwide. eBay have this in the P&P section on all my listings:
      ‘Free P&P on each additional eligible item you buy from xxxxxxx’

      Up to now I have felt under an obligation to refund in full.

      Perhaps Tamebay would like to bare its teeth?

    • JD
      2 years ago

      I should add that this is massively inhibiting sales. I used to get many multi item orders from around the world. They are now rather rare.

    • Jon
      2 years ago

      Every time I have a large order from USA the buyer ends up paying way over the correct amount even though I have set up specific discounts using the Flat Rate postage rule & Promotional postage rule otions when listing. Only 4 large combined sales in one year! One customer paid £64 P&P for a parcel that should have been £19 P&P…Every time I ask about this I get fobbed off. I think the agents are also being fobbed off by the very people who are supposed to fix it. Also my selling manager has had several search glitches for over 5 years & never has it been fixed. Every time an agent asks “Is there anything else I can do for you today” if I have time, I mention it. They reproduce the glitch & see for themselves & they say they will report it & I hear nothing again until I mention it again…. 5 years this has been going on! Maybe they are making me wait for the 7 year Glitch!

  • Chris L
    2 years ago

    I want to ask Chris@tamebay if we can have a new Thread for the Shopping Basket (USA) Problem

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