Free Magento metrics trial with RJMetrics

By Dan Wilson April 13, 2015 - 11:39 pm

You can currently get a free Magento metrics trial with RJMetrics. As many Magento users will know, the default reporting on Magento isn’t perfect and this plug-in service adds to the capability. RJMetrics claim to be the most recommended reporting platform by Magento users.

And right now they’re offering a free trial.

They say that: “The most successful online stores make 75% of their revenue from repeat purchases. We’ll show you how to optimize your email and remarketing efforts to keep your customers coming back.” And that “he top 1% of your customers spend 30x as much as your average customer. We’ll help you identify who your top customers are and what campaigns they’re coming from so that you can go find more like them.”

We’d love to hear if you’ve been using this service and find out how it’s been working for you.

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