eBay UK amends delivery date estimates based on postcodes

By Dan Wilson April 27, 2015 - 1:19 am

eBay UK have announced that the estimated delivery dates shown on the site will now be variable based on the postcodes declared by both buyers and sellers.

In an announcement they said:

“From 23 April our estimated delivery dates for certain carrier services will be based on the postcode of the item location the seller has specified as well as the delivery postcode specified by the buyer.

We are making this change to improve the accuracy of delivery estimates. The delivery address postcode used to estimate the date of delivery will be shown along with the item estimated delivery date on the view item page.”

Hopefully this will prove to be a good change with more accurate information being displayed to buyers regarding delivery times and also, equally, act as a defence against unfair defects.

But the proof is always in the pudding and we’d be interested to know if you see a difference. We’ve also asked eBay for more details.

  • Andy R
    2 years ago

    The best defence against unfair defects would be to change Ebay’s dumb policies.

    We got 7 defects recently for agreeing to cancel an order when a customer changed their mind.

    Ebay customer service response: If Ebay loses their fee, either the seller is getting a defect or the buyer is getting a strike.

    Guess which will happen.

    • 2 years ago

      Andy, that’s interesting that eBay UK insists on the situation, since in the US there has been an option for a buyer to request the seller cancel the order for the first 60 minutes after purchase (new feature, September 2014). While this hasn’t extended to all marketplaces, I would expect that it will before too long.

      The issue that you’re likely running into is that eBay considers a refund to be a “seller out of stock” situation if it hasn’t been explicitly flagged otherwise. The solution we’ve implemented has been to file these transactions as “mutually agreed to not complete the transaction” disputes with the buyer. When they agree, then the refund will be seen as a refund and not seller out of stock for the purposes of eBay’s performance statistics. (We do this automatically for our sellers in appropriate circumstances to prevent incorrectly charged transaction defects.)

  • Laura Ann
    2 years ago

    What I have noticed on my orders/listings is that eBay are giving a quicker estimated delivery date. I have a 1 day dispatch time on all of my listings and the majority of my items have free Royal Mail second class postage, which should give a 2-3 working day estimate, however most of my order details and listings are showing as 2nd class but with the fast and free logo and just a 2 day estimated delivery. So rather than being more accurate and fair to sellers eBay are promising buyers 2nd class orders will arrive sooner, in just 2 days, which means item not received cases can be opened a day earlier and has the potential to result in more defects, not fewer. I have not noticed any difference to the 1st class estimates, they seem to be the same, 1 working day.

  • JD
    2 years ago

    I post with RM 1st class or SD from Eastern England.

    The delivery estimates on my listings for 1st class to N Ireland and for most postcodes in Scotland are now 1-2days. eBay seem to be relating delivery time to distance rather than the way RM offer it which is on a systemic basis.

    In my experience delivery to Birmingham or Bristol is just as likely to take 2 days as it is to Edinburgh or Aberdeen.

    • Laura Ann
      2 years ago

      Mine seem to be completely at random and nothing to do with distance. I’m in Sheffield & all 2nd class orders to postcodes in Sheffield are showing 2-3 working days, then orders close by, but further than Sheffield, Leeds/Doncaster etc 2 days. Most of the country seems to be 2 days with the exception of some areas in Scotland or way down south which are showing as 2-3 days, the rest are 2 days.

      Then I’ve got some completely random ones to that are showing only 2 days – Glasgow, Ayr & Cornwall, but I’ve got others for these areas that are showing 2-3 days? London – some 2 days, some 2-3 days?!? N Ireland all showing 2- 3 days for 2nd class like it always has but still showing as only 1 day for 1st

  • Mr X
    2 years ago

    Are we really expected to believe this from the company that forgot when Easter was this year?

    They even “Forgot” when Christmas (or at least when the last posting dates were) was 2 years ago!!

    Call me a cynic but I don’t trust eBay on any of it’s so called delivery date’s & I’m pleased to say most of my customers also don’t believe the crud that eBay promise – ON OUR BEHALF.

    We need a cut off time for normal posting not just “Special Delivery’s”.

    They also need to add an extra day between “Special Delivery & 1st Class” and disguised between the two. Special delivery Is next day guaranteed with compo, 1st class is 1-3 days & not next day and has 0 compo.

    I do wish that some of these high fliers within “Freebay” actually used the crud that they keep rolling out to professional sellers.

  • john
    2 years ago


    We have called ebay yesterday with no call back as yet. however they are aware. Can see some sellers getting hit with some serious defects on this one for items not being supplied.(just wonder if ebay will fess up on this one)

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