eBay Seller Release: Private Offers

By Chris Dawson April 21, 2015 - 1:25 pm

There’s nothing more frustrating then when a buyer contacts you to make a bulk purchase and you have to create a special listing just so that they can purchase. We know often deals are done off eBay, but many buyers much prefer to buy on eBay and obviously that’s what eBay prefer as well!

Private OfferTo assist sellers eBay are introducing the ability to that’s sent an eBay message regarding a fixed price listing. Within eBay My Messages you’ll be able to select ‘Reply with offer’ and enter an offer price, quantity (if applicable) and add a note. If the buyer accepts the offer the sale then proceeds as normal.

This feature isn’t advertised to buyers. That means you’re in control and can choose whether to use it in cases where you think this can help you close a sale. If you’re selling 2 or more identical items in a single listing, you can send an offer for one or more of the items in the listing.

If you accept Best Offers on a listing, you can send an offer if a buyer contacts you as long as they haven’t already sent you a Best Offer for that item.

Personally I love this feature, often times I’ve had potential buyers on eBay ask for a deal if they buy 10 of an item instead of one. This enables sellers to make the most of communications and tell the buyer they’re offering them a special deal and making buyers feel special is half way to getting that sale.

It would be churlish of me to complain about such a fantastic new feature, but I do have a tiny wish list for the future, which would be to see the Private Offer facility extended to enable offers including products from multiple fixed price listings to enable sellers to create bundled offers. Maybe in the future, but for today it’s a great new feature from eBay and you’ll be able to use it from early May.

  • Steve
    2 years ago

    More rubbish if we turn off best offers that means we don’t want offers its bad enough now with idiots sending messages with offers of £5 for a £50 item and then getting all stroppy when you say no.

    Best offers needs renaming to Silly Offers

    • 2 years ago

      Agree Totally.

      Can I add another problem with Best Offer. I switch it off. Then the next time I relist its back again. I am sick and tired of idiots offering me very silly prices and then sending me a message saying basically if you don’t want Best Offers why have it in your listing. So I have to go and find it again and delete it knowing that next time the item is relisted its back again.

  • Dan
    2 years ago

    i recently contacted ebay to inform them of a glitch i thought i seen with offers.

    im constantly getting asked in messages, hi mate, how much can u do 4 for.. before using the best offer feature! and sadly once i tell them how, and to use the offer feature, many dont, so i lose sales.

    i sell an item £4.xx each. they are best used in sets of 4 or 5. so buyers usually send offers for that quantity.. although some single units (1of) sell.
    i have it set up in such as way that i accept less for multi buys etc, as it costs same to send 2 as does to send about 5.

    buyer must have wanted to offer £12 for 4.. but this came up as £12 EACH x 4 = £48.

    i asked ebay why would the best offer form allow the buyer to enter an amount MORE than what the straight bin price would be! they didnt have an answer and blamed the buyer!

    i think they need to educate buyers too, as i say i get asked how much is my best price, in messages more than buyers who use the proper offer forms.
    i presume if i talk about my best price etc in messages, ebay could see this and disipline me?

    • james
      2 years ago

      its because you can add “terms” as part of an offer.
      – e.g i want 4 delivered to the top of Ben Nevis on Saturday evening, i shall offer extra.
      and “terms” added during the offer become binding if you accept.
      you cant automatically accept an offer with added terms, you have to review it manually.
      i’m not in the least bit surprised ebay CS didnt have a clue.

  • X4Ken
    2 years ago

    Instead of an half arsed “New Product” Why don’t eBay concentrate on fixing the shopping basket across all their platforms so buyer can have a simple & single shopping experience.

    This IMO would be far better that implementing yet another feature that probably wont work in the way we sellers would like.

    Keep it simple & Make it WORK!!!

  • 2 years ago

    Love Best Offer.

    This looks neat.

  • dan
    2 years ago

    im at a total loss as to why that happened to me – above.

    he didnt type no “terms” and simply entered counter of 12 x 4, an idiotic mistake.

    i suggested they should have a very simple block which brings up an error when you type more than the buy it now price is!

    they could even put positive spin on it and say “to make ebay friendlier to use blah blah blah”, or maybe i just have idiotic buyers!! lol

    • 2 years ago

      I will definitely try out this tool. In general, I am seeking for tools that give me all the relevant information in order to make the best decision possible.

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