eBay Seller Release: International Selling

By Chris Dawson April 21, 2015 - 1:16 pm

Globe hmeBay have two sections of the UK Spring Seller Release dedicated to International Selling, protections for sellers and expansion of the Global Shipping Programme to assist sellers who don’t already participate in Cross Border Trade to get started easily and simply.


eBay announced a protection policy last October to . eBay are reminding sellers that when you’re above standard or an eBay Top-rated seller in your home market, your domestic seller status remains protected. This holds true even if you fall below standard in the global
programme. This is in addition to eBay’s existing international seller protection programme.

Global Shipping programme expansion

Following the successful launch of the Global Shipping Programme in 2014, eBay are and inviting more sellers to take part. For existing GSP sellers, postage costs to these new countries will be added automatically to your listings and you don’t need to change anything.

From May eBay will start enrolling sellers who aren’t already part of the programme. This will allow sellers to use the Global Shipping Programme’s automatically calculated postage costs to expand to more countries. This applies to eligible listings where sellers haven’t already specified the postage costs to the countries covered by the programme. If this applies to you, eBay will let you know in advance by email.

For each listing, you can choose:
– Which countries you post to yourself.
– Which ones you use the Global Shipping Programme for.
– To exclude any countries you don’t want to send items to.
You can opt out of the Global Shipping Programme at any time at an account or listing level.

The Global Shipping Programme is designed for sellers who don’t already ship overseas and enables buyers from around the world to purchase from their listings and all the seller needs do is to ship to a local UK address – eBay handles the rest.

  • Tony C
    2 years ago

    Can I ask: is there a link to an eBay page that describes what the GSP does, and how it works? I already sell internationally, and charge postage at cost; is the GSP cheaper?

  • Merlo
    2 years ago

    I cannot sell internationally. Ebay removes all my international visibility. They say it’s due to a fault and they will fix it but this has gone on for 12 months. Does anyone have a solution/know when the fix will happen?

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