BreakerPro adds OEM part number integration

By Chris Dawson April 27, 2015 - 10:34 am

Breakerpro LogoBreakerPro have added a new feature which enables users to automatically add all compatible vehicles for a specific part. All compatibilities can then be uploaded to ebay and other integrated channels.

BreakerPro lets you add the Vehicle/Part details on the Inventory screen, navigate to the ‘Manufacturer Part Number’ field and enter the part number you have and, when you press enter, a list of compatible vehicles for this part will be displayed which are then then pushed up to your eBay listings. Coming soon is ability to search by compatible vehicle in BreakerPRO.

One of the reasons this is so powerful is that you can use the OEM part number lookup in BreakerPro and they already have the compatibilities matched – you don’t have to manually select compatibilities on eBay. BreakerPro is designed specifically for vehicle dismantlers and anything that can make the process of listing parts more easily on eBay and other marketplaces is good news.

BreakerPro OEM part lookup

If you’d like to find out more about BreakerPro, you can visit their website or contact them on 01324 460 460

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