BQool Unveils Faster Accelerated Repricing

By Chris Dawson April 13, 2015 - 6:18 am

bqool featBQool have announced Accelerated Repricing is now available for Amazon sellers who need a faster repricer. BQool states Acclerated Repricing will be able to reprice listings every 0-15 minutes, depending on when repricing happened last.

“For some sellers, it’s imperative that they be able to adjust prices as quickly as possible due to the competitive nature of their listings, so Accelerated Repricing gives them a competitive advantage over their competitors,” says Alex Chan, Marketing Specialist at BQool. “Reacting faster than your competitors will give you the edge you need to win the Buy Box, translating into better sales.”

BQool repricingAmazon enforces a limit in regards to how often sellers can change prices. “That has always been the challenge when it comes to developing an effective repricer,” says Peter Kuo, Business Relationship Manager at BQool. With Accelerated Repricing, BQool pushes the limit of repricing frequency to its upper bound. Each listing can reprice as frequently as once every 15 minutes. Even the most competitive listings will be able to keep pace. The 15 minute frequency will ensure repricing occurs as often as possible without triggering Amazon’s throttling.

“Continuous” repricing is a popular term in the repricing industry, but offers Amazon sellers a vague idea of how fast the repricer can really work. BQool has never offered continuous repricing, and they still don’t. According to Peter, it is merely a marketing term that holds no real weight but BQool can confidently say how often repricing happens.

BQool’s Accelerated Repricing is available for Amazon sellers in Amazon US, CA and EU (UK,DE,ES,FR,IT) marketplaces, and is available for anyone choosing the Deluxe Repricing Plan or higher. There’s also a free trial (no credit card required) so that you can try BQool solutions before you subscribe.

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